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Pheasant Shoot

The shoot is set in magnificent countryside in the South Canterbury foothills. The birds are shown from a mixture of specially planted game cover and existing hard and soft woods over steep contours which produce good, high, curling pheasants.

Pheasant shoot

We released 1200 pheasants for the 2009 winter. We plan to release 2000 in 2010. That will be the first year we will release red legged partridges.

The shoot is managed by John Brownlie, a Game Keeper from Scotland with 35 years experience. John managed the Dorset Downs Shoot for four years and before that was Game keeper of the Kinveachy Estate, Aviemore, Scotland.

Experienced beaters and dog handlers come from all over Canterbury and Otago to help run the shoot.

The shoot begins at 9:30am with morning tea at the Craigmore Stables.

There are three drives in the morning. The guns sit down to a hearty lunch in the historic Craigmore dining room whilst the beaters have lunch provided for them in the stables.

There are two drives in the afternoon followed by afternoon tea and drinks at the stables.

Pheasant shoot pictures


Night Cow
The pheasants are driven from four acres of mixed macracapa, larch and pine over an incline toward the wood above the Homestead. Shooting is evenly spread throughout the line.

Eagle Cave
Birds are driven out of game crop and established towering macracapa wind break. Guns are positioned in limestone sink holes.

Set above the homestead amongst old Douglas firs and natives, the birds are driven across and down the hill towards the river.

Peter’s Wood
The pheasants are driven off a high bank out of game crop back to an Arboretum containing the Park pen. These birds will be particularly challenging even for the most experienced shots.

The Roughs
Next year we plan to release red legged partridges which would give us an option of a double drive of partridges in the Roughs - a steep incline covered in native scrub looking over the Little Pareora River.

Rough Shooting
We can also offer informal pheasant shooting for groups of 2 – 6 guns around the fringes of the main drives.

Please note: Cock and hen pheasants are now available for sale - contact John Brownlie on (027) 612 9960.

There are various options available for accommodation from the luxurious country house experience of nearby Holme Station to more rustic accommodation in the Cook Shop or Shearers’ Quarters at Craigmore. We also have cosy Willows Cottage which has a standard somewhere in-between.

Pheasant shoot accomodation

Game Keeper: John Brownlie
Tel (03) 612 9960
Mobile 027 612 9960

pheasant engraving